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ShurLok - Black Numbered


The ShurLok lockbox offers a superior key storage solution to other products on the market. The ShurLok`s patented dual function on one set of dials allows one combination to be used for the key compartment (which you give to others) and another combination be used for the shackle. Shurlok is designed with an all-metal key storage lock box. Separate combinations open the shackle and key compartment -- combinations can be changed in seconds. All Metal construction - no plastic buttons or dials exposed to climate conditions. Zero locking - easily unlock the Shurlok, even in total darkness. With the zero lock feature, you can set the dials to all zeros and then count your numbers up to your combination on each dial.

  • Two combinations- one for key, one for shackle
  • All Metal Construction
  • For easy key-access in real estate, construction, and general security
  • Also available in Blue and Brick Red.

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