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We provide quality dial, combination and push button lockboxes at great prices. Count on our boxes to remain useful for years of use.
Why order from Discount Lockbox? Because that's the only thing we sell - Lockboxes.

Common Users


Common Uses

  • Perfect for Real Estate
  • Contractors access
  • Maintained communities
  • Fire departments
  • Elderly access
  • Friends and family access
  • Scheduled access
  • Cleaning personnel
  • Pool service
  • Home owner access
  • Household maintenance.


  • Tip 1: Try to keep your lockbox out of sight.
  • Tip 2: Makes a good padlock as well.
  • Tip 3: Make the combination something you'll remember.
  • Tip 4: Cut combination setting instructions out and keep it in your lockbox.
  • Tip 5: Your lockbox will last longer if you keep it out of weather.
  • Tip 6: Keep your house keys safe while on a walk around the block or on weeklong vacations.
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