Unmatched quality and security. Interlocking faceplate prevents tampering and unauthorized access. Opens easily using a combination that you can choose and set/reset for yourself! Easily change the combination as often as you wish. Hangs effortlessly off of any door handle. Comes complete with easy to follow instructions. Features a rubber bumper to protect door finish. Just a few fascinating ways to use a store a key.... Uncle Dan is visiting, and he’s arriving on the red eye. Dan can let himself in and you can see him in the morning! Your keys fell out of your daypack, 4 miles up the trail. That’s 8 miles round trip! Your brother needs to borrow your car, and you don’t want to leave the keys in an obvious place, like under the seat! You simply don’t like to carry keys. Stop the key bulk and key rattling noise once and for all! Your elderly mother can’t get to the door, open up the Store A Key, and you’re there to help.